Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Add Music to your Bat Unit

Brown Bat
Stir up some excitement by adding a bit of music to your bat lessons!

Below is the lyrics to our song, "The Little Brown Bat".  The song is a great way to kick-start a unit on the only nocturnal mammal, and it can also be used as a way for students to learn lots of interesting "batty facts"--like how important bats are to our environment!

To get started:
  • Provide students with a graphic organizer or a blank piece of paper.  
  • Have them write 3-5 facts they hear in the song... (such as: 1. Bats are the only flying mammal.  2. Bats are nocturnal.  3. Bats navigate with echolocation. 4.  The Little Brown Bat is one type of bat. 5. Bats are good for the environment.)  
  • Have students include a drawing with their facts.
  • Encourage students to label their bat drawings.  


The Little Brown Bat:

Way back up in the woods
Where the sun never goes
Lives the only flying mammal that we all know
He sleeps all day
Leads a nocturnal life
And uses echolocation
Instead of his sight
Then he goes “eeeeeeeeeeee”
Another bug done gone

This little brown bat is one you’ve probably seen
Over a thousand different species from here to the Caribbean
They’re expert fliers
The acrobats of the sky
Their ecological efficiency is one you can’t deny

Now wait a minute children, there’s a reputation to correct
Bats aren’t mean and evil and they deserve a little respect
They eat the mosquitoes, the gnats and pesky flies
There’s much more to a bat than really meets the eye
Yeah, in their roosts
Is where they like to hang
It’s been the same old story since the bats began

Repeat Chorus and second verse

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